Employee Insights

Statements of interns and working students

Fabian Golland, Intern Private Equity

Master in Business Administration with focus on finance and accounting, LMU Munich, semester abroad at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, United States

Fabian Golland

What were your aims and expectations when you came to Allianz Capital Partners? Were they fulfilled?

During my semester in the United States, I participated in a guest lecture on Private Equity (PE) investments, which sparked my interest in the field. I especially like the diversity of PE – you are constantly looking into different industries –, its intellectual challenge and international scope. As a consequence, I was looking for an internship opportunity that would bring together all these aspects.

I applied at Allianz Capital Partners as it is known for its expertise in PE fund investment. I was also keen on experiencing the professionalism of a global player such as Allianz, gain insights into the work of an investment manager and learn about the whole work process through to the final stage of an investment. Having completed my 6-monthly internship recently, I can say that it was a big gain – my tasks were varied, I was integrated in all processes and the investment team was very supportive in answering any questions I had. I liked working at ACP a lot.

What were your daily tasks and responsibilities?

As part of my general tasks, I supported the Private Equity Team in the analyzing stages prior to an investment decision. More precisely, I got to analyze the Funds' information ranging from a general overview, mostly for unknown funds, to in depth analyses on the Funds' investments and investment managers. From time to time, I also attended meetings with General Partners and investment discussions in the Munich and global team as well.

What are your plans after your studies?

After my studies, I want to start a career in the finance industry. My preferred goal would be a position in an Asset Management firm, but I am quite undecided whether it should be public or private equity. I enjoyed my work at ACP a lot, so I could definitely imagine working in PE fund investments later. To work in direct investments for a private equity fund seems also pretty exciting and is a viable alternative for me. 


Fee Schäfer, Working student Legal Department

Master in Law, Bachelor in Economics, LMU Munich, semester abroad at Université d'Auvergne, France

Fee Schäfer


What were your aims and expectations when you came to Allianz Capital Partners? Were they fulfilled?

Besides the obvious benefit of gaining insights into a global player like Allianz, gaining work experience and being financially independent were central aspects for me in a working student position. With my background in law and economics, I wanted to be challenged by an interface function, learn more about the work processes in an alternative investment environment and expand my horizon internationally. 

Having worked as a working student at ACP for over two years now, I can say that my expectations have been exceeded. I feel challenged and encouraged at the same time. For me, working at ACP is great.

What are your daily tasks and responsibilities?

Initially, I was introduced to the investment process from a legal perspective. Departing from that, I accompany the entire contract processing and provide support in various infrastructure investment matters. More generally, I work side-by-side with the compliance officer: We look, for instance, into various compliance topics during the process of investing, such as money-laundering, corruption, outsourcing and whistle-blowing. In this regard, I supported the comprehensive data privacy protection process, for example. 

What are your plans after your studies?

Thanks to my studies in law and economics, I have access to a challenging field with various possibilities in the interface function between both areas. With my experience at ACP, I am looking for a position within or outside the Allianz world, preferably in. I’m very interested in the investment processes, internal audit, risk management and compliance topics. Currently, I am finishing my Bachelor thesis about the effects of Solvency II on infrastructure investments, which I write in collaboration with the finance department of ACP. 


Lukas Stettner, Working student Communications

Master in Energy Economics, University of Leipzig; semester abroad MGIMO Institute Moscow, Russia

Lukas Stettner

What were your aims and expectations when you came to Allianz Capital Partners?

Prior to my working student position at ACP, I was interning at Allianz Climate Solutions – the Allianz think tank responsible for questions relating to climate change, renewables and the Allianz Group's climate strategy. Due to my background in energy economics and my particular interest in renewable energy, applying at ACP was a logical step.

Other than obvious benefits of a working student position as gaining working experience whilst studying, I wanted to learn more about the work of an investor especially in alternative investments and become further acquainted with the Allianz Group. The communications position was well-suited to my profile and gives me the possibility to gain various insights on a daily basis. Also, my tasks are diverse and the overall working environment is very positive and supportive. Personally and professionally, I really enjoy working at ACP.

What are your daily tasks and responsibilities?

Working in the communications department provides a bird's-eye perspective – you learn a lot about and from different teams, their tasks and daily work, as you are in regular contact with all kind of experts – investment experts, legal experts and back office experts. Accordingly, I support the communications team with daily tasks in internal and external communication, which are amongst others editing of press releases and interviews, coordinating requests from journalists or initiate changes in our homepage with the agency. In general, tasks are varied and changing every day, which I appreciate very much.

What are your plans after your studies?

I am looking for a job in the energy sector, as I consider renewable energy particularly exciting. I would like to work and contribute to the development of this sector, however I am still undecided in which part of the value chain. Thanks to my working experience at Allianz, I gained some very valuable insights into the work of an institutional investor in the field of renewables. Later on, I can definitely see myself working in this field.


Florian Waldinger, Working student Finance

Master in Management & Technology, TU München, semester abroad at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain

Florian Waldinger

What were your aims and expectations when you came to Allianz Capital Partners? Were they fulfilled?

In the course of my master degree, I am specializing in Finance & Accounting. In order to gain some further experience and an understanding about my future career, I took a semester off to intern at ACP's Finance Department. I wanted to get further insights on the range of tasks in finance, whereby I was particularly interested in investment controlling and accounting. Additionally, I considered working for a big, international company as Allianz very attracting. After my internship, I was offered a working student position in my department.

Now, I am working in the field of infrastructure controlling, which I already considered very interesting during my internship. Generally, I am very content with my internship and current working student position at ACP. My daily tasks are varied and I am expected to work independently, which I like. However, most importantly, I feel like a full team member, as hierarchies are very flat here.

What are your daily tasks and responsibilities?

In my daily tasks as a working student, I support – for example – the preparations and development of the investment reporting. Moreover, I am participating in the quarterly valuation process of our investments and I prepare analyses on i.e. the macroeconomic influences on individual infrastructure investments. I also develop presentations for our team on – for instance – our infrastructure portfolio for both internal and external usage.

What are your plans after your studies?

I am definitively planning to work in the finance sector, preferably in the field of investment controlling. Currently, I am already developing some very valuable skills and a good network, thanks to my position at ACP. Speaking of ACP, I like the working environment at the company – it is challenging, but at the same time very courteous and supportive, which I consider as very encouraging. I could very well imagine working at ACP after my studies.