Employee Insights

Statements of ACP professionals

“ACP is a well-respected and recognized investor in private equity funds, supported by the strong Allianz brand name. ACP appealed to me as a place to work due to its long-term investment focus, as well as its global scope with an international team – including offices in New York, Singapore, Munich and London.”

Sophie Gilbert, Private Equity – Munich

“When I joined ACP in 2010 as an intern, Renewables was the business line that fascinated me the most. I always believed that investments should be sustainable and with a long-term focus. In this respect, Allianz has been on the forefront as one of the first institutional investors to establish its own in-house Renewables team and gradually gaining a market leader position. To me, the London-based team is a perfect mix of finance and industry professionals, with the majority having more than 10 years of transaction experience in the sector. I am very happy that I have been given the opportunity to develop my career within this great team and business line.”

Frederik Bruns, Renewables – London

“Amongst other aspects, I joined ACP because it offered the best opportunity to successfully combine a challenging and promising job with my family life. As a mom of two small children, ages 2 and 5, flexibility is vital. At ACP I was able to find a win-win working arrangement. Here, combining job and family is guaranteed as people and the institution are truly willing to find a solution, which I highly appreciate. Thus, working at ACP is very motivating and rewarding to me. I like it a lot here!”

Kristin Pabst, Finance – Munich

"As a member of ACP's infrastructure direct investment team I have the opportunity to diligence a wide range of large, complex assets across multiple sectors and geographies with the ultimate goal of acquiring businesses which provide long-term and stable returns for the Allianz Group insurance companies for which ACP invests."

Scott McGregor, Infrastructure – London