Juergen Gerke to retire as CEO of Allianz Capital Partners

Gerke Juergen

Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) today announced that Juergen Gerke (60), the CEO of Allianz Capital Partners (ACP), will retire at the end of the year when his contract expires to focus on other projects.

Throughout his long international career, Juergen has held various leadership positions within the Allianz group as well as in the banking sector and the European Commission.

Gerke has been CEO of ACP for the past five years, during which time assets under management at the alternative assets manager have increased from around EUR 10bn to more than EUR 30bn today. Since 2018, he has led the firm’s transition from offering investment services exclusively to Allianz to joining forces with AllianzGI to create a third party offering and secure its future growth.

Andreas Utermann, CEO of AllianzGI commented:
“I am grateful to Juergen for his collaborative spirit, which has helped ensure that the amalgamation of ACP with AllianzGI has been both smooth and is resulting in a highly productive partnership. He goes into the next phase of his life having achieved much over a rich 40 year career, which has included leadership positions at a number of Allianz companies.”

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