Allianz exceeds 1000 megawatts of renewable energy investments

Allianz continues its course in investing in renewable energies by adding French wind farm “Haut Chemin” to its portfolio / The total portfolio counts 42 wind farms and seven solar parks / Capable of supplying the annual electricity needs of over a half million European households

Allianz Capital Partners (ACP) has acquired the 20 megawatts wind farm “Haut Chemin” in France on behalf of Allianz. The wind farm is based in the Haut Marne region in the northeast of France. The project, acquired from leading French renewable energy company EOLE-RES SA, is currently under construction with commercial utilization scheduled for summer 2014. Once commissioned, the wind farm will be operated by EOLE-RES.

With this acquisition Allianz’s total renewable energy capacity exceeds 1000 megawatts. The portfolio of ACP now comprises 42 wind farms in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden and seven solar parks in Italy and France. All assets are 100 per cent owned by Allianz.

“We are delighted to pass the 1000 megawatts milestone with the acquisition of “Haut Chemin”, said David Jones, Head of Renewable Energy at Allianz Capital Partners. “The assets in the renewable energies portfolio are capable of supplying the annual electricity needs of over a half million average European households with renewable energy while simultaneously producing a good return for our insurance customers.”